About Company

Our company offers You a unique integrated approach to solve your problems related to space heating and more. To order you need to send us a request in which you will need to reflect the following information about the warm floor or ceiling heater:

- Area of use, the average ambient temperature during the winter;

- The last a maximum negative temperature;

- The capacity in which you plan to use RFH «Slunce»;

- Whether to be used as the main or secondary heating system;

- Room dimensions (length, width, height), its configuration;

- Structure and material of the walls and ceiling of the room used;

- The structure and the coating material on RFH «Slunce» (which will be closed);

- Contact information and an accurate shipping address;

- Additional comments on the use.

Upon receipt of the application our manager will contact you to clarify the order. The calculation will be made as soon as possible. Transport companies fulfill the delivery based on your prior agreement. The geography of our sales: The European Union, Russia and the CIS countries. RFH «Slunce» is a European standard of quality.