We offer you a completely new approach to heating any room using infrared radiation – radiant floor heater «Slunce».

What is the RFH «Slunce»?

Simply said, it is the sun that warms you and your home night and day. RFH «Slunce» heats the surface of the floor, walls and furnishings emitting infrared light. The resulting heat is evenly distributed around the room and gives a sense of thermal comfort and coziness in a room what is comparable to finding yourself in the sun.

RFH «Slunce» can be used for both prim ary as well as for additional heating. The placing of RFH «Slunce» is uniformly fixed on any floor and can be closed with most material (concrete, filler floor, tiles), all except by mirrors, metals and glasses. RFH «Slunce» is used for heating private and suburban houses, apartments, agricultural, social facilities (boarding houses, childrens camps), retail facilities (indoor and outdoor markets, shops, mobile shops), warehouses, construction trailers, baths, garages, carts, kiosks, open verandas, etc.

If you purchase the product, you get a brand new efficient, super saving, energy-conserving, and most importantly a much more durable product than other types of heating systems. It is a comfortable solution for your premises.

The use of RFH «Slunce» is the most environmentally friendly heating solution.

Operating costs RFH «Slunce» for the first year are comparable only to the use of gas heating systems (in Russia).

Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating are:

- Energy-conserving - seasonal average electricity consumption is twenty watts per square meter (20w/m2). The system can be adjusted into saving mode (+10 ºС) in the absence of people.

- Reliability – the product does not require maintenance during the whole period of its operation, and in addition we give the 10-year warranty on the product (note: electroautomatic elements, temperature controllers fall under manufacturers warranty);

 - Independent from the gas or district heating systems. Not visible presence in the room (pipes, radiators etc.). No need for facilities to operate the heating system (boiler, heating, etc.);

- High dynamic warming (an increase of 10 º C for 60 min.). Possible remote controllable heating;

- Evenly heat distribution in the room. The difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling is only 4 º C;

- Thermal comfort. The thermostat precisely monitors and maintains the set temperature of your air;

- Elimination of moisture without drying. Humidity is natural;

- The product is absolutely safe for health and recommended for use in maternity hospitals, kindergartens and schools;

- Quick to install (the area of ​​50-100 square meters. 2-4 days) at any time of year.

- It is water resistant, fireproof and protected against dust;

- It has all the necessary patents, licenses, certificates and permits.